We are committed to sustainability and to creating conditions that improve people's lives.

We apply in the management of our business, and in the relationship with our employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and other stakeholders, a perspective of economic, social and environmental sustainability, which supports the progress of people and the company.

In GRUPO L we know that growth depends on everyone. That is why we uphold a permanent commitment to the community and the society of which we are part, observing laws, ethical standards, human rights, diversity and the environment.

We adhere to ISO 26,000 standards, which guide companies to work in a socially responsible manner.

Grupo L implements programs for the community that promote healthy diet habits, education, and job insertion.

• Healthy Food Program in schools, hospitals and community centers.

• Scholarship Program for the completion of primary and secondary studies for employees and children of employees.

• Program to support infrastructure in food / dining spaces.

• Training Program for Employment - Centro Pescar Grupo L, aimed at young people who are completing their final year of school.

• First Registered Job Program.